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Buying Tips

Buying Tips,ABC Decorative Rugs
Buying Tips
Buying Tips
Visual Attributes
Hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn in a finished rug gives each piece a subtle variation in color tone. The quality is known as abrash and it often creates a kind of wave effect to the eye.
This quality enhances the charm of a rug. Without the inherent variation, the piece can look stiff or have a cooontrived appearance, almost too perfect, with the exception of Savonneries, Aubussons, Needlepoints and Tapestries that have always been made without color variation.
If, when looking at the rug you are considering, you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, your rug possesses some very positive attributes.
When you look at a rug, does it come to life?
Does it have richness and depth?
Is the texture appealing?
Do the colors emanate a delightful variation?
Practical Consideration
How well a carpet stands up to wear, and how tolerant it is to cleaning and maintenance, is an important indicator of quality. Inferior wool will wear faster and may not hold uo in cleaning. You'll most likely want to have your rug cleaned by a professional every two to three years, therefore your selection should be capable of standing up to constant use and regular cleaning. You do not have to worry about colors running or changing when you have a high-quality rug cleaned or need to remove a stain. When a rug incurs a stain, soak the stained area immediately with water and press with a sponge or towel. Gently rub the area with lemon juice and re-absorb. Repeat this process until you have removed as much of the stain as possible. If necessary, call a professional cleaner. There will be no danger of color change on a rug made of good wool and stable dyes.
Certificate Of Authenticity
Quality rugs are often accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, attesting to the genuine construction and materials for every rug. The information on the Certificate of Authenticity will match any identifying signature or emblematic information on the piece itself, and certifies that you are the original owner. Should you wish to sell your rug, a Certificate of Authenticity will enhance its value.
Getting Started
On a room-by-room basis, determine the look you want to create on your budget. There is a wide variety of rugs to choose from at many price points.
Design & Color
First determine the mood you want for a room, e.g. formal or casual. The design personality and color of the rug selected will create the desired feeling for the room.
Formal rugs can anchor a room with a calming effect.
Bold medallions make a dramatic statement
Elegant fine lines and subdues colors have a quite pleasing effect
Vintage patters are a traditional way to reminisce about their time and place
Pure colors are more formal and elegant
Abrash (blending of two or more colors) creates a broader color pallet and can be easier to decorate with
Rug patterns can work with the existing designs and fabrics in your room
Big rugs first
Prioritize your rug purchases according to room size and importance
Each rug acquired will lessen your choices for future rug selections
Accent rugs and runners are easier to co-ordinate with the main rug than vice-versa
Room size
Room layout, size & walls will limit the dimensions for a comfortable fit.
A furniture setting suggest the minimum size rug that will create an island effect to visually hold the pieces together
There are no rules about on or off the edges. Simply, what feels right and functions best.
Foot pathways should avoid pivot points at the edges of rugs.
Use a tarp or sheet folded to size to determine your preferred rug sizes or mark the rug size on the floor with masking tape.
Some areas can use a room size rug or an assortment of smaller rugs.
Types of Rugs
There are three types of rug to consider purchasing
Handmade, Flatweave or Knotted pile
Hand tufted
Machine made, Axminster or Wilton
Other factors that influence price
Materials – wool, cotton, silk or synthetic fibers
Complexity of design
Number of colors used
Dying technique (vegetable or synthetic)
Knot count
Age and condition of antique and semi-antique rugs
Use of room & rug
Amount of traffic and soil
Are you looking for a piece of art for your floor that will last for a lifetime or a decorating accessory for the short term.
Handmade weaving from natural fibers make an inviting soft appeal
Pattern clarity is achieved by using tight smooth finishes
Tribal artifacts, pillows and tapestries can be components of a well-decorated room.
Area rugs are movable from room to room and house to house
Quality materials and construction will insure longevity of both the look and value of a fine rug.
Handmade oriental rugs will last for generations with proper care and maintenance.
Standard rug sizes
Handmade rugs will vary slightly.
2'x3' 5'x7' 9'x12'
3'x5' 6'x9' 10'x14'
4'x6' 8'x10' 12'x15'
Runners widths: 2'3", 2'6", 2'8", 3'
Runner lengths: 6', 8', 10', 12' etc.
Rounds: 6', 8', 10', 12' diameters
Squares: 6', 8', 10' etc
Custom rugs can be made in any size.
Color swatches
Please bring your color swatches and fabrics with you when shopping. Also include wood stains, ceramic tiles & counter top samples. Having these samples will help guide and make you a more confident shopper.