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Rug Type

Rug Type,ABC Decorative Rugs
Rug Type

Below are a few of the many different designs of rugs available at ABC Decorative Rugs. With designs ranging from classical Persian patterns from the Sixteenth Century to Nineteenth Century British Arts and Crafts works to contemporary modern pieces, ABC Decorative Rugs has the widest selection of rugs and carpets in New England.

William Morris

Named for the famous English poet, designer, writer and innovator in the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, who lived from 1834-1896.

Prayer Rugs

Made from designs of mosques, and mihrabs, which are the central image on the walls of mosques. Often geometric, they are sometimes adorned with candlesticks and light, representing the eternal Holy light, and a depiction of the inside of mosques.


This design has a central medallion, and often quarter-medallions. These medallions are sometimes of scrolls and flowers.

Tree of Life
The tree of life design is based on a common Judeo-Christian, as well as Muslim, tradition. The tree symbolizes a continuous life cycle, as in the Garden of Eden.


This name comes from the name of the pattern that repeats itself on this rug. It often uses rich reds, true blues, green, cream and yellow on indigo fields. The borders are usually adorned with flowers, and occasionally, a "fish" or "crab" pattern is used.


The Jahver Tabrizs, which are the older pieces of this category, have a medallion and often use pastel colors. There are also usually cartouches in the borders with Arabic inscriptions. Some Tabrizs also follow the designs for prayer rugs.


A loosely knotted piece, with either a repetitive flower pattern, or a central medallion.

A Sarouk is a floral design, with a medallion and often with animal dyes.

Named after a small region in northwest Iran, the characteristic Herez design is it's dominate eight point geometric central medallion and bold corner motifs related to the central design.

Similar to Herez, but more angular, Serapis contain two or three superimposed central medallions and floral borders.

The Gumbad ,or dome rug design symbolizes the diversity of different traditions, which are represented in the form of mosaic and tiled designs in domes within various houses of worship. The round dome is also a metaphor for our world.